How do I receive the Rebate ?
If you order online, you have to fill out the Rebate Form, so that your rebate can be processed by our accounting department.

When do I have to fill out the Rebate Form ?
You can fill it out any time after you make the final payment. You have a grace period of 3 months after your vacation to file the rebate, if you forgot to do it originally.

Will I be charged extra for shipping and handling, after I make my reservation ?
No. You will see all the charges before you pay.

Will I get my rebate if I order "only tickets" or "only land" package ?
This refers to buying only air with no land or only land with no air.  "Only Land" packages will get a rebate, "Air Only" purchase is not subject to a rebate. If we are quoting you tickets from the "Air" page, the quoted price will reflect your cost.

What is AI ( All Inclusive) Hotel?
All Inclusive hotels provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All drinks and non-motorized water sports (like surf boards) are also included.

What is included in a Vacation Package?
Air, Hotel, and Transfer to and from Airport and Hotel.

Can you provide tickets originating in another country ?
No. Your departure has to be from USA. We can provide you with connecting flights outside of US, but your trip has to originate in US.

How do I get seat assignments ?
Charter Flight:  Charter flights assign seats during check in time. We can not assign seats for you. We highly recommend that you arrive on time stated in your itinerary, or slightly earlier if you want to request a specific seat. This could avoid many unforeseen problems.
Scheduled Flights:  A few days after you book your reservation you can call the airline directly to get seat assignments.


When will I receive my tickets ?
Typically the tickets are printed 2 or 3 weeks before departure. You should receive them 1 to 2 weeks before departure. If you have not received your tickets 5 business days before departure, give us a call (1-847-296-0230) and we will arrange an airport pickup. (Your tickets will be waiting for you at the airport ). Although this is a rare occasion, it is not a big problem.

I received something in the mail, these don't look like tickets?
If you purchased a charter vacation package you will not get paper tickets. You will receive a 1 or 2 page voucher that has your itinerary on it. This is your ticket. Bring this paperwork to the airport and you will be issues boarding passes. You will also need this paperwork at the hotel during registration. 

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