We are a full service travel agency located in Northbrook, Illinois (north suburb of Chicago).

  • We are Premier Apple Vacations Agency.
  • We are Funjet Vacations 500 Agency.
  • We are a preferred Agency for Couples Resorts.
  • We are RIU Partner Club members.


Northbrook, IL 60062

Phone 847-296-0230

Fax     847-296-9226

Hours of operation:

Mon - Fri :   10:30-5

Sat, Sun  :    10-3

Most of the time someone

is available after hours.

This site serves as additional benefit to our customers by providing the following ways to save money:

As a customer you will receive all the rebates and discounts that are offered by a given vendor. Additionally, in many cases, you will receive a Rebate check from our agency. You are saving us time by booking directly, and we in return will save you money.

Our rebates will save you money every time you buy, including the first time you buy from us. We strive to make the amount of your rebate obvious to you, before you spend a cent. Unlike other agencies, we will not tell you that the savings are a percentage of some "later determined" number. We will tell you exactly how to see your rebate before you buy. If you are not sure of something you can always call us.

We can easily offer you 15% discount, but not tell what is the real number that the discount applies to (explained on Vacation Packages page). This is not the way we want to be treated when we shop, so we treat the customer in the manner we feel is honest. As part of the same spirit you will see that our rebate policy is short and straight forward.


Travel rebates are based on the actual vacation package price. Offer applies only to online reservations made through our site.

After making your reservation:

Please fill out the online Rebate Form in order to receive your rebate. Your check will be sent to you 2-5 business days after your departure date. We want you to receive your rebate, so our policy for the rebate form submission is customer oriented. You can fill it out any time after you make the final payment. You have a grace period of 3 months after your vacation to file the rebate, if you forgot to do it originally.

Phone: 847-296-0230

Fax     : 847-296-9226

Email  : ezgo@ezgotravel.com