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The prices that will be shown in our booking engine WILL NOT SHOW the 6% rebate offered to you by EZ GO Travel. By filling out our Rebate Form you will receive an extra 6% discount. See rules on the right ==>>.
ANY LAS VEGAS HOTEL, from any departure city, booked through our online booking engine is eligible for this rebate.
  • Booking Online, is required to get your discount. The price in the booking engine will not reflect the extra 6% rebate amount.


  How to get the rebate:
  1. Find & book your vacation through our online booking engine.
  2. Fill out the Rebate Form.
  3. We will mail you the rebate check in the amount of 6% of Air & Land portion. (rebate does not apply to extra fees like: taxes, airport fees, etc)













Common Questions:

If you are having problems during the booking process: (payment issues, computer problems, etc.), you can call us at 847-296-0230 for help. BEFORE YOU CALL US: Email us your your information (Package dates, hotel name, departure and destination, passenger names, home and billing address ). Only then call us with your credit card number so that we can quickly process your order.

If your credit card is not going through: Most likely it is one of 2 problems:
1. Your billing address for this card is not the same as the shipping address you entered.
2. You are not typing in the correct security code. Security code on all Credit cards (except American Express) is on the back of your card, on the signature strip. It is the LAST 3 digits. It is a 4 digit number on the American Express card, and is found on the front of the card just above and to the right of your credit card number.