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Click on the link below to start the quote/booking engine. Don't worry about making changes and/or multiple quotes. You have not made any commitment, nor is your reservation final, until you actually pay online or over the phone with your credit card.

Apple Vacations

It is our recommendation that you try to find a charter flight, if one is available from your departure city.  Typically these flights are not only cheaper, but they are shorter since they are direct. 

Common Questions:

Booking Engine Issues:  Above is a direct connection to the booking engine from Apple Vacations. We are sorry but we or any other agency has no direct control over it. You can either wait a few hours and try again, or you can call us and we will use our computers to make your booking.

If you are having problems during the booking process: (payment issues, computer problems, etc.), you can call us at 847-296-0230 for help. BEFORE YOU CALL US: Email us your your information (Package dates, hotel name, departure and destination, passenger names, home and billing address ). Only then call us with your credit card number so that we can quickly process your order.

If your credit card is not going through: Most likely it is one of 2 problems:
1. Your billing address for this card is not the same as the shipping address you entered.
2. You are not typing in the correct security code. Security code on all Credit cards (except American Express) is on the back of your card, on the signature strip. It is the LAST 3 digits. It is a 4 digit number on the American Express card, and is found on the front of the card just above and to the right of your credit card number.


2 ways to get the rebate:
(offered by EZ GO Travel, for our customers only)
(get more with rebate check)
During Payment (Instantly):
Email us your contact information, then call us at (847) 460-0397. We will complete the booking process for you, and at the same time deduct  4%* of Air and Land portion of the vacation (rebate does not apply to extra fees like:  taxes, airport fees, vendor delivery fees, etc.).
Rebate Check
Complete and pay for your booking online, using the above Apple link Then fill out the Rebate Form and we will mail the rebate check in the amount of 5%* of Air and Land portion of the vacation (rebate does not apply to extra fees like:  taxes, airport fees, vendor delivery fees, etc.).
*If "published scheduled" air is purchased we may reduce the rebate amount. "Published contracted" air and "Charter" flights receive the full rebate.

Don't be fooled by other sites advertising 12,13 and even 15% savings. Companies that offer this rebate offer it for LAND ONLY portion when it is a part of a package deal! You have to understand that there is no true breakdown between land and air when a package is purchased from Apple Vacations or Funjet. Our Apple Rebate applies to the TOTAL package price (Land + Air + Tax + Insurance if any).

Phone: 847-460-0397

Fax     : 847-296-9226

Email  :